I’ve had worlds that I left behind.  Kingdoms full of people awaiting my orders or perhaps continuing about the same tasks I once assigned them but now for the rest of eternity.  Tombstones etched with the names of my fallen comrades immortalizing the memories we once shared.  I never think about leaving behind my world while I am creating it.  It doesn’t occur to me that one day the inevitable will happen and I will grow bored of my creation and move on to something new.  Not with a goodbye or a sentimental thought, I just simply quit.  My world reduced to circuits on a board, buried in a metal tomb that may never be seen again.

Tonight I stumbled across one of my forgotten worlds.

I didn’t think about visiting it.  I didn’t even remember it was there until it revealed itself to me.  A tidal wave of nostalgia washed over me when I began to walk the landscape I had once created.  I was the god of this world – and I abandoned it.  I had created memories here that I allowed myself to forget completely. For a few hours, day, weeks or even months… this world was my home.  Behind each tree stump I left there was a story of a man with an axe and a vision.  It saddens me to think that the man will forget about the tree he’s chopped down and the vision he once had.

Though I’ve moved on, the worlds I’ve created or even impacted in some way will never change.  They rest in the footprint of a giant who will one day die, but through it all the world remains.  The soul of the giant carved into every surface of its being.

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I'm into massive multiplayer online gaming communities. My online alter ego is 18 feet tall and has wings like an angels, but also like a demons. His name is Yogzula. Yogzula can fuck anything and he will and has. Women. Devils. Angels. Animals. If you meet me online by Grub's tavern, I will show you where the treasure is hidden.

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