On this episode of the Toadcast we discuss the psychology of the modern day troll.  They’ve evolved to no longer dwell beneath bridges, shaking down passerbys for a coin and scrap, into malevolent voices on the internet.  Gather round and lend an ear as we spin tales of times we have trolled and been trolled.  Learn about a younger Yogzula’s fashion sense and how his self esteem was forever ruined by a very rude young woman.  We’ll also teach you all about obscure slurs to call people from Hungary or Botswana in case you’re ever in the region.

About The Author


I'm into massive multiplayer online gaming communities. My online alter ego is 18 feet tall and has wings like an angels, but also like a demons. His name is Yogzula. Yogzula can fuck anything and he will and has. Women. Devils. Angels. Animals. If you meet me online by Grub's tavern, I will show you where the treasure is hidden.

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