Giant bugs, towering robotic monstrosities, overpowered weapons, sprawling destructible cities, and cooperative multiplayer comradery. Can we really get enough of these things? No, we certainly cannot. ┬áThose of us who have played the previous games in the series know what we’re in for.

I’m thankful for games like Earth Defense Force. In an era seemingly dominated by ultra realistic war simulators like Call of Duty and Battlefield, its important to not lose sight of our roots. The EDF games have always forsaken gritty realism in favor of over-the-top combat and campy thrills. They bring you back to the days of walking into an arcade with a friend and dropping an unfair amount of change into a machine to get your gaming fix.

Local co-op. Not the tacked on, watered down co-op mode we see these days as a cheap way to sell more games. You can play through the full campaign experience with a friend. Too often local co-op is forgone in favor of online-only multiplayer. The decline in couch co-op isn’t surprising. Why let two people play one game when you can force them both to buy a copy? Its about money, and thats a shame. I applaud you, Sandlot, for bucking this trend.

EDF has produced some memorable gaming moments for me. There is an impressive feeling of dread associated with seeing your partner get downed by a giant insect, leaving you to fight alone against the odds.



2025 promises to be the biggest, craziest EDF yet. It drops on February 18th.

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    • John Lusky
      John Lusky

      Of course. Who could argue that alcohol isn’t a good idea when tasked with defending the earth against hordes of giant bugs?


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