When most people think or hear about roleplay, there are two things that come to mind:  RPGs like Skyrim, or having weird fetish sex in the Warcraft Goldshire Inn.  I’ve had to explain to a lot of people in my life that when I say I’m roleplaying it has nothing to do with wearing a gimp suit and having orcish women take turns pegging me.  Instead I am Mogu Bugswallow, a Lizardman from the Gemul Swamps on a mission to save his dying tribe from the slug scourge of Fer’gul valley.  A hero of his people and entirely infertile as a result of lizardmen being asexual.

Remember the first time you tasted a lemon?  Sourness filled your mouth and maybe your face wrinkled up, but there was something about it that was oddly addicting.  Roleplay is like lemons.  At first glance you’ll probably cringe, but there’s something more to be appreciated that will keep you coming back.  There are bad lemons and there are good lemons, much like eggs… and roleplay.  You’ll want to make sure you don’t base your opinion of a lemon, an egg or roleplay based on your experience with a bad one.

I’d like to introduce you to Rodger Bloomsdale, a father of 3 from Utah who is going through a rough divorce and just trying to make his alimony payments at the end of each month.  Let him be your guide into the world of roleplay.  If you like what you see, maybe think about trying it out for yourself.

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I'm into massive multiplayer online gaming communities. My online alter ego is 18 feet tall and has wings like an angels, but also like a demons. His name is Yogzula. Yogzula can fuck anything and he will and has. Women. Devils. Angels. Animals. If you meet me online by Grub's tavern, I will show you where the treasure is hidden.

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