In Warframe you play as a warrior descendant of an ancient race known as the Tenno who are sworn to protect the universe from all known varieties of alien scum.  Select from multiple battle armors known as Warframes that each possess unique abilities such as necromancy, magnets, explosions and rhinoceroses.  While additional abilities give each Warframe a little extra flare there is thankfully not so much of a difference between frames that it causes any real balance issues.  All players have access to the same weapons and modifications as well as the same basic control scheme which is the bread and butter of space ninja combat.  Players are able to run up and along walls or slide along the ground all while unleashing a hail of gunfire upon their enemies.  If that doesn’t sound cool enough to you then it might also help to know that just about every maneuver can be finished off with a devastating flipping or sliding melee attack.   No matter what you’re doing it’s hard not to feel like a complete badass while doing it.

That wasn't a typo when I said rhinoceros this guy is a fucking rhinoceros.

That wasn’t a typo when I said rhinoceros.

There’s not a single good reason not to give Warframe a shot.  It’s free to play and has a better production value than many AAA games currently on the market.  The controls are flawless, the graphics are good, the servers are stable and the physics engine is… hilarious.  There’s a handful of good co-op shooters available on the PC but Warframe has carved a very cool niche for itself with its maneuverability and melee combat.   You and your friends are guaranteed at least a few days worth of fun before thinking about taking off your space pants.  Warframe will be the best zero dollars you’ve ever spent.


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