I’ve been waiting for this moment for years. At long last, the next Star Wars Battlefront is on the horizon. EA announced yesterday that the beta will be playable sometime in early October (the game’s official release date is still November 17th).

The Star Wars Battlefront series is certainly beloved, and its last game was released a an excruciating 10 years ago. Games have changed. Engines have changed. Vice, the team responsible for EA’s popular Battlefield series was given the challenge of creating the next Battlefront.

At first, I was skeptical. I’m still not 100 percent over that wariness, but the E3 gameplay assuaged a lot of the fear that this would be a Battlefield game with a Star Wars theme. Here’s that video if you missed it (probably not, it’s got over 15 million views):

If you were to say that just looked like Battlefield: Star Wars, I’d say you need to get your eyes checked, chucklehead.

Just listen to the way this game SOUNDS. For instance, try the detonation sound of the grenade your character tosses around 1:09. Seriously, stop reading and listen to that video again for a moment. I’ll wait.

That is the most badass explosion sound design I’ve ever heard. Now, combine that with the jaw-dropping visuals and the obvious nods to classic Battlefront gameplay. I’m excited, and you should be too– whether you’re a Star Wars fan or not.

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  1. Luke
    Luke "Yogzula" VanTrieste

    Looks really cool, almost what Titanfall should have been. It captures the prodigious scale of battle with the walkers and fighters flying overhead. I find that extremely appealing to me, but I was also excited for Titanfall. The execution of the gameplay mechanics will be far more important to me.

    Is each round objective based with a team goal, or does a team win by reaching a certain point total in deathmatch? I dislike deathmatch, so I hope that not to be the case.

    How is the lightsaber combat? They didn’t really show it off, does that mean it’s not that great or does it mean they want it to blow people away as a big surprise when the game finally releases?

    Even as someone who is not a fan of star wars, this game still looks like a lot of fun. I’m anticipating its release so that I can watch more gameplay and possibly consider purchasing.

  2. John
    John "Jagyooar" Lusky

    The aspect of the original Battlefront that I feel is missing from a lot of multiplayer games is the way playing as a Jedi affects the whole experience. It’s going to be kind of similar to the game you were saying you wanted. It’s supposed to blend PvE and PvP competition. You’re not always a Jedi, but when you get to be one it’s a lot of fun. They didn’t show lightsaber combat but I think your guess that they just wanted to hold something back is correct. Hopefully they made PvP Jedi clashes interesting, because there is so much potential for something tense and great there.

    I believe there are going to be multiple game modes, and no, Battlefront has never been about death matches. It’s always been more about strategic control of the maps.


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