The Titanfall beta is open to all Xboners and PC users (if you signed up before February 15th/4pm), and it’s been extended to February 19th. I got a chance to play it, this weekend, and my reactions are mixed but leaning more towards positive.

I would say my favorite mode was Last Titan Standing. Deaths actually carry weight in this mode, so there’s less running and gunning and more strategy involved. Everyone starts in a Titan, and if you’re killed it’s over for you until the next round.

The game has been criticized as nothing more than a Call of Duty mod. Although there are certainly a lot of parallels, I wouldn’t go that far. I will say that a good deal of the fun in the game is sucked away when most of your deaths come when someone just finds you first. I never understood that about COD multiplayer. It’s just not fun when it becomes such an exercise or a test in who’s got the fastest reflexes. I would have preferred more powerful shields and longer respawn wait times.

I prefer more tactical gameplay, so it’s not just about whatever asshole has played the most and has the best aim/reflexes. I like it when IQ comes into play, and where the decisions you make might be more important than “BOOM! HEADSHOT!”

This is still a game I’ll have a lot of fun with, however, almost exclusively when I’ve got a group of friends to play with. I’m past the days where “pwning noobs” and landing double kills is enough for me. There’s got to be more to it than that.

This certainly isn’t the time to pass full judgement, as betas are really just meant to give you a taste of the action and help them do load testing and fix bugs before the full release.

Here’s my TLDR conclusion as of right now: Lots of fun, too many core mechanics lifted from COD, but I’m still looking forward to the full version on March 11th.

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